Video Production Essentials: Create, Edit And Post Online​


After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To
Come up with brilliant video ideas
Plan your videos with a professional pre-production process
Know exactly which equipment to use to shoot exceptional quality videos
Understand the fundamentals of using your DSLR or Mirrorless camera to creating compelling videos
Shoot high-quality video content on your smartphone and webcam
Set up and shoot videos in your own home office
Record great screencast videos
Record audio with your computer
Know best practices for editing your videos and understand the post-production process and add basic graphics to your video
Add Use high-converting calls to action in your videos
Export the best quality videos for online viewing
About This Course
Creating high-quality, compelling video content is a great way to grow your brand online. However, it does require in-depth knowledge on elements such as planning, navigating equipment choices, setting up a studio, being comfortable in front of the camera, editing your video and exporting with the best settings for online viewing.

This course covers the entire video creation process from pre-production and shooting your own videos to editing, adding title cards, adding basic graphics and finding success on YouTube.

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What You Will Learn
All about the different types of video content that exist
How to set up your own home “studio”
Cinematography basics like lenses, composition, exposure, framing, focus, stabilization and lighting
How to navigate sound and microphone options and record excellent sound in any environment
How to be comfortable with filming yourself
How to choose the best background for your videos
How to use editing tools to cut a professional YouTube video
How to create and design title cards for your videos
Find and add engaging music for your videos
Tips to grow your YouTube channel
Why Learn With Phil Ebiner?
Professional video and course creator, photographer and teacher to 1mil+ students. Phil has 10+ years of professional experience in the world of video & photography. He has created 1000+ videos and award-winning documentaries and works from his home studio near LA.

Why Learn With William Carnahan?
Cinematographer, camera operator, and photographer. Owns the production company Will Call. Produces video content for companies like Disney, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Diesel films, Nike, Whitney Eve Clothing, PredPol, and many others. Earned LMUs Panavision Cinematography award in 2008 and 2010.

Why Learn With Sam Shimizu-Jones?
Filmmaker, Photographer, Educator. Co-founder of the production company Will Call. Produces video content for companies like Disney, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Diesel films, Nike, Whitney Eve Clothing, PredPol, and many others.

Who Is This Course For?
Brands and business owners who want to boost their online presence
Entrepreneurs and ecommerce businesses who are looking to elevate their online content with high-quality video
Marketing managers who want to diversify their skillset
Content creators who want to brush up on their shooting and editing theory
Brand strategists who want to add video to their clients’ marketing strategy
Freelancers interested in creating brand videos for clients
Digital nomads looking for work that they can do from anywhere
Beginner to Intermediate
Access to Internet
Computer / Laptop / Mobile Device
What Is Included?
Immediate unlimited access to course materials
30-day money-back guarantee
Exercises and quizzes to help you put theory into practice
English Closed Captions
Suitable for mobile or desktop
A badge to showcase your expertise on your profile page upon completion

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